Detailed characteristics of RosaeNLG

This is the documentation for 3.0.3 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 4.3.0.
Table 1. RosaeNLG main characteristics
Characteristic RosaeNLG


open-source (Apache 2.0)

Language for templates

based on Pug, the leading JavaScript templating engine

Language for data prep



the whole JavaScript ecosystem

Connectivity during execution

can connect to anything

Ease of authoring for technical users

quite good

Ease of authoring for business users

not ready for business users

Ease of installation

standard npm module

Ease of integration

in any node.js app, or directly in browser

Continuous integration ability

as any other JavaScript app

Speed of compilation

very fast (JavaScript generation)

Speed of generation

very fast: 3 ms for a 130 words (850 chars) text on a cheap 2018 laptop (< 1 ms when parallelized)

Synonyms algorithm

random based, sequence, or "choose the best" global mode


very good coverage on English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Linguistic resources


  • verbs

  • plurals of words

  • a / an


  • gender of each word (la couleur / le poids)

  • plural of words

  • agreement of adjectives

  • extensive verbs conjugation list

  • possessives (la couleur du téléphone)


  • gender of words (das Telefon / die Gurke)

  • cases

  • possessives (die Farbe der Gurke)

  • adjectives (der alten Gurke)

  • verbs (large list, and all tenses)


  • gender of words (la torta / il cameriere)

  • adjectives (affari sporchi / begli specchi)

  • punctuation, apocopes

  • verbs (large list, and all tenses)


  • gender of words

  • adjectives

  • punctuation, apocopes

  • verbs

Other languages:

  • core features only, no linguistic resources, no dates and numbers formatting

Functional coverage



ready for production grade systems