This is the documentation for 3.1.2 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 4.3.0.

Country common names for RosaeNLG, currently available for English and French.

In English, manages essentially articles and article capitalization: the Comoros, Barbados, The Bahamas, etc.

In French, manages:

  • articles, gender, number and contractions: l’Ouganda, Israël, la France

  • "in": en Israël, aux Pays-Bas.

  • "from": d’Israël, des Pays-Bas.


Include :

  • js resource file: countries_en_US.js for English, countries_fr_FR.js for French (each is around 20 kb)

  • countries.pug systematically

One single mixin country:

  • first parameter: to find the country using cca2 ccn3 or cca3

    • code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2: cca2

    • code ISO 3166-1 numeric: ccn3

    • code ISO 3166-1 alpha-3: cca3

  • second parameter:

    • DEFINITE to definite article: la France, The Bahamas

    • IN for en France, in France

    • FROM for de France, from France

    • COUNTRY_NAME or nothing for just the country name: Pays-Bas, Netherlands

English examples

  • #[+country({cca2: 'GB', 'DEFINITE'})]the United Kingdom

  • #[+country({cca2: 'GM', 'DEFINITE'})]The Gambia

  • #[+country({cca2: 'BB', 'DEFINITE'})]Barbados

  • l #[+country({cca2: 'NL'}, 'COUNTRY_NAME')]Netherlands

French examples

  • #[+country({cca2: 'FR'}, 'DEFINITE')]la France

  • #[+country({cca2: 'MU'}, 'DEFINITE')]l’Île Maurice

  • #[+country({cca2: 'FR'}, 'IN')]en France

  • #[+country({cca2: 'NL'}, 'IN')]aux Pays-Bas

  • #[+country({cca2: 'MU'}, 'IN')]à l’Île Maurice

  • #[+country({cca2: 'MU'}, 'FROM')]de l’Île Maurice

To get gender and other information, typically when agreeing, use getCountry_fr_FR js function:

- const france = getCountry_fr_FR({cca2: 'FR'})
| #{france.gender}

Completing the list

There are missing combinations as well as, probably, mistakes. You can constribute: send me an email or a PR.

You can also locally hack/complete your list:

  const wf = getCountry_fr_FR({cca2: 'WF'}) = 'de'
l #[+country({cca2: 'WF'}, 'FROM')]

will output de Wallis-et-Futuna (instead of throwing an exception).

Dependencies and licences

Countries library is based on World countries under ODC Open Database License (ODbL).