Usage without templates (using low level API)

This is the documentation for 3.2.2 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 4.3.0.

For some very specific usages you may wish to directly code the language generation using JavaScript code, making low level calls to RosaeNLG underlying API - completely bypassing Pug and the templates mechanisms.

Instead of writing Pug templates that get transpiled into JavaScript code, you will directly write this low level JavaScript code. Some NLG products, like CoreNLG or SimpleNLG, only work like that.

Be aware that:

  • support on RosaeNLG is very experimental

  • API is subject to change in the future

  • some features might not be available

  • generating large texts will be tedious to code and to maintain

See some simple examples in noPugMode.js file.

Steps are:

  • create the NlgLib object, indicating the language

  • optionally indicate where linguistic resources are stored, if working browser side

  • code the texts to generate - it can be as simple as generating one verb with nlgLib.sentenceManager.verb as well as containing thousands of instructions - this is the main part

  • get the final texts using nlgLib.getFiltered()

Things can be improved in the future:

  • test extensively which RosaeNLG features really work in "no pug" mode

  • improve the syntax (the code was meant to be generated, not to be written)