RosaeNLG Documentation - Introduction

RosaeNLG is a Natural Language Generation library for node.js or client side (browser) execution, based on the Pug template engine. It was previously known as FreeNLG.

Fully supported languages (with grammar, gender etc.) are English, French, German and Italian, but you can generate texts in any other language.

RosaeNLG logo

RosaeNLG is complete enough to write production grade real life NLG applications.

To start, use the Quick Start and the Tutorials. Then read carefully and respectfully the Reference Documentation.

If you wonder about NLG, see What is NLG and its usecases. You can also check the detailed characteristics of RosaeNLG.

French demos are available.

You can also play around with a client side editor, compiler and renderer with an in browser editor or directly here:

RosaeNLG logo
Figure 1. Logo thanks to Denis Aulas