Related Projects

This is the documentation for 1.1.1 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 3.4.0.

agrisub is a set of demos in French. It features server-side generated texts, browser side dynamic texts, and a dashboard with dynamic texts. See deployed version.

rosaenlg browser poc show how to just render or render and compile templates in the browser. It is a simpler version of browser IDE demo.

browser IDE demo features an in browser editor (based on CodeMirror) to compile and render texts in the browser. See deployed versions for English, French and German.

rosaenlg parallel poc shows how to render texts in parallel server side with node.js on multiple cores.

rosaenlg-cli is a command line interface for RosaeNLG.

RosaeNLG’s Docker image is a docker image that contains rosaenlg-cli. It allows to render RosaeNLG templates without installing anything.

rosaenlg pres fr is a presentation of RosaeNLG in French.

boilerplate project is a standard NLG project using RosaeNLG and following (my) best practices that you can fork.