Other Languages

This is the documentation for 1.5.0 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 3.4.0.

Fully supported languages are English, French, German and Italian. But you can generate texts in any language.

It is recommanded to use the proper locale: nl_NL for Dutch, ja_JP for Japanese etc.

What will work

Core features will work:

  • referring expressions

  • synonyms

  • recordSaid / hasSaid

  • assembling: eachz and itemz > item

  • setRefGender / getRefGender (even if it can be meaningless for some languages)

What will work partially

Rules, punctuation: the default punctuation and capitalization rules applied are the ones for English. It will work quite well for most European languages, but not for Asian languages.

Synonyms optimization (using choosebest): it will work pretty well for all european languages, even if there is no stemmer for these languages. But it will not work for Asian languages as there is no tokenizer.

What will not work

All textual numbers (cardinal textual, ordinal textual) will not work.

Number formatting and ordinal numbers, even when available in numberal.js, will not work as they are not included by default. But it is easy to add, see import 'numeral/locales/xx'; in the code.

Same for Dates formating: it will not work. See import 'moment/locale/xx'; in the code