Agreement of nouns and adjectives

Substantive (or how to agree words)

substantive(word, agreeWith) will agree the word (with is just a noun) with agreeWith.

For instance:

This will output diamonds.

Works in en_US, fr_FR, de_DE and it_IT.

Agree adjectives with agreeAdj

Use agreeAdj(adjective, subject) to agree an adjective with a subject.

For instance in fr_FR:

will output luxueuses / munies.

In German you have to indicate both the case and the determiner:

will output der alten Gurke.

You can also use value with the adj property. p #[+value('Gurke', {case:'GENITIVE', det:'DEFINITE', adj:'alt'})] will also output der alten Gurke.

will output la vecchia casa.