Agreement of nouns and adjectives

This is the documentation for 1.8.2 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 3.2.6.

Substantive (or how to agree words)

substantive(word, agreeWith) will agree the word (with is just a noun) with agreeWith.

For instance:

This will output diamonds.

Works in en_US, fr_FR, de_DE and it_IT.

Agree adjectives with agreeAdj

Use agreeAdj(adjective, subject) to agree an adjective with a subject.

For instance in fr_FR:

will output luxueuses / munies.

In German you have to indicate both the case and the determiner:

will output der alten Gurke.

You can also use value with the adj property. p #[+value('Gurke', {case:'GENITIVE', det:'DEFINITE', adj:'alt'})] will also output der alten Gurke.

will output la vecchia casa.