Build and Test

This is the documentation for 1.20.2 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 3.0.0.

Checkout RosaeNLG main repo.

Pre install

  • lerna: yarn install lerna -g

  • yarn: yarn install yarn -g

  • mocha: yarn install mocha -g


  • Linking: yarn install.

  • Build the linguistic resources and the typescript files: lerna run build.

  • Run the tests:

    • lerna run test

    • use yarn test directly in packages/rosaenlg folder

Linking a RosaeNLG project with the local copy of the repo

In your project: do not run npm install as it will download each RosaeNLG package. And do not use npm link.

  • just install the other dependencies: for instance npm install junit

  • make a symbolic link in your project to your local copy of RosaeNLG: mklink /D node_modules\rosaenlg c:\rosaenlg\rosaenlg\packages\rosaenlg