Publish a new version

This is the documentation for 1.20.2 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 3.0.0.

this doc is just for me

RosaeNLG packages:

  • check non regression on another project

  • check changelog.adoc content, but leave == [Unreleased]

  • run gulp release_xxxx with patch / minor / major as xxxx; this must update changelog.adoc, antora.yml and github workflows (4 files)

  • commit on the branch

  • merge with master

  • local environment: lerna version --no-push --no-git-tag-version --exact patch (or minor etc. instead of patch)

  • commit

  • make a vXX.XX.XX branch (to be seen by the doc project + to publish)

  • push: git push origin master

  • also push branch: git push origin vXX.XX.XX

  • Github Actions should build and should publish on npm


  • trigger the antora-ui project CI on github

  • trigger the docs-site project CI on github and check the result

  • trigger the antora-playbook CI on github


  • remove old branches on Github

  • update the boilerplate

Update sibling project rosaenlg-java.

Publish new API on Lambda:

  • build the real version first…​

  • first test on dev: yarn run deploy:dev

  • migrate existing templates using server-scripts if they are not compatible

  • then deploy on prod: yarn run deploy:prod

  • check on prod