Developer documentation, Contribute

This is the documentation for 1.20.2 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 3.0.0.

Read this if you want to contribute to RosaeNLG.


Project Structure

Multi package repo (lerna) which is a fork of Pug @2.0.3 (forked 2018-04-06). Pug @3.0.0 was published 2020-05-25.

  • rosaenlg is the main package. Derived from pug.

  • rosaenlg-pug-xxx are forks of the original pug-xxx packages:

    • Some of them are are unchanged, but I needed to fork them because they carry dependencies with changed packages: rosaenlg-pug-filters rosaenlg-pug-linker rosaenlg-pug-load

    • Some of them are changed to handle specific structures like synz > syn: rosaenlg-pug-lexer rosaenlg-pug-parser rosaenlg-pug-walk pug-code-gen

  • rosaenlg-yseop is an Yseop template generator for RosaeNLG templates, derived from rosaenlg-pug-code-gen (itself a fork of pug-code-gen).

  • and multiple packages that each contain a set of features